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For undergraduate students interested in transferring to the University of VirginiaTransfermer
Updated: 1 hour 39 min ago

Visiting the University

October 22, 2015
We just wanted to put a little reminder out there that you can visit Grounds at any time.  We have information sessions and tours almost daily and we'll have our fall transfer open house on Friday, November 6th.  This event will allow you to hear from current students(former transfers) and faculty about what it's like to be a UVa student. This is particularly important for those of you who applied for spring admission.  If you are admitted on December 1, you have two weeks to make your decision. We do not have transfer admission admitted students days and as you can imagine professors and students are very busy during that time preparing for final exams.  It's best if you visit in November, if you need that visit to make your decision. Note that visiting will not play a role in your admissions decision.  Some of you live very far away and that wouldn't be fair to those who couldn't get here.  It is merely an option if you've thinking about coming to take a look.

Review of Applications for the Spring semester

September 30, 2015
Eligible Schools for Spring Admission
Remember that in the spring, we only take a limited number of students to a limited number of schools.  We only admit for the College of Arts and Sciences, Architectural History and Urban and Environmental Planning.  If you plan to study other fields like nursing or engineering, etc, please hold off and apply for fall 2016 admission.

The GAA does not work for the spring admission
The Guaranteed Admission Agreement is only available for fall applicants, and only applies to VCCS applicants wanting to study in the College of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and the RN-BSN program. But again, this is not available for spring transfer.  No need to click the button now.

Good luck with those last-minute applications!