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Attend a Class

The University of Virginia offers more than 2,500 courses every year, and prospective students are welcome to visit a few of them during the academic year. The Open Class List is updated a few weeks into the fall and spring semesters. Select the day of the week you will be visiting using the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Because entering and exiting a class can be disruptive, we ask visiting students arrive a few minutes before the class begins and remain until the class ends.
  • Visting a few days prior to and during mid-term or final exams is not recommended. 
  • Have a back-up choice in case the class you wish to attend is having a test.
  • No reservations are required for these classes. Freely attend the ones you find on the list.

NOTE: Students interested in the McIntire School of Commerce should see their Getting Involved page for more information about class visits.

Course Types

Seminar: Interactive class with twenty or fewer students.

University Seminar (USEM): Small class designed to give first-year students the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and explore new ideas in an environment that encourages interactive learning and intensive discussion. Seminars are based on ideas that have changed the way we think about our relation to the world around us. The seminars are given by prominent faculty in departments and schools across the University, carry two credits, and are restricted during the initial course enrollment period to first-year students.  If space is available, second-, third-, and fourth-year students may enroll.

Lecture: Class in which a professor gives a presentation. Lectures often have a supplementary discussion section that meets at a different time.

Studio: Class that involves practicing an art, instrument, or skill. Often in an arts departments.