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Where am I going to live during my first year?

All first-year students are required to live on campus (or on "Grounds," as U.Va. students affectionately call it). Many first years choose to live in either McCormick or Alderman area residence houses, both of which are reserved for entering students. The McCormick Houses are arranged around hallways; each hallway houses 20 to 22 students, with each floor (two hallways) sharing a common bathroom. The Alderman Houses, on the other hand, are arranged in suites; each suite houses eight or nine students and includes five bedrooms, a common room, and a bathroom. Both residence areas share a common dining facility as well as some other basic features. Each room is wired with two Ethernet connections to the Internet and e-mail; each also has a phone line, a connection for cable television, two beds, two desks, and a closet. Both residence areas also have multiple 24-hour computer labs, laundry facilities, and a mailroom.

Although Alderman and McCormick are the most popular places for first years to live, many international students choose to live in one of two of the University's residential colleges, which house undergraduate students of all years, graduate students, and faculty.

For more information about housing at the University, visit the Housing Division.