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Welcome! It may seem like only yesterday that you were reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Now it’s time for your child to apply to college, and again you are wondering what to expect as you begin this new phase of life.

We are happy to provide information to you that may help in the college search process—while you may find detailed information about our various Schools, the admission process, programs and announcements on our Web site, we hope that the following information will be particularly helpful in giving you an overview of what your son or daughter’s life would be like at U.Va.


The University of Virginia opens the door to a vast new world of knowledge and discovery. U.Va.’s distinguished faculty members bring the academic program to life for students. Faculty can be found in many spots beyond the classroom, serving others through their knowledge and expertise. Parents and family members are invited to take advantage of talks and programs presented by U.Va. faculty members, whether on Grounds, throughout Virginia, or in other parts of the country and world.

School/Department Tours

Many of our undergraduate schools and departments provide tours for prospective students and their families. Please see our admission information session page for details. Please note that tour availability changes when classes are not in session.

Exploring UVA