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Advising Resources

When students arrive as first-years, they have access to a broad network of advising resources. They each are assigned to a faculty member who can assist them with scheduling classes and defining their academic interests. In addition to discussing courses, the faculty member can also refer students to other University resources (both academic and nonacademic) as needed.

In addition, every student in the College of Arts and Sciences is assigned to one of 11 association deans in the College. These individuals are an important source for students throughout their four years. The association deans are the academic deans of the College, and they advise on academic matters, help with academic plans, and provide resources for other avenues of assistance. The deans are useful resources for discussing classes and potential majors, making plans for studying abroad, or for help when facing academic challenges. The deans have walk-in help hours every day during the academic year or students may call, e-mail, or stop by to make an appointment to see her or his association dean at any time.