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Transfer Admission Information Page

Who Is A Transfer?

Applicants who have completed at least one full year of college study before entering the University are considered most competitive by the Committee on Admission. Since the University has no program for "visiting students," successful transfer applicants who enroll at UVA must spend at least two full years in residency at the University.

Students who already hold bachelors degrees may apply for a second undergraduate degree only in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (the exception being individuals who have already earned engineering or physics degrees. These students are rarely offered admission as we prefer to give spots to students who have not previously earned the aforementioned degrees).

Students who have at any time completed three or more years of study at another four-year college or university are not eligible for transfer admission to the College of Arts & Sciences. This also applies to students who have attempted a full junior year at a four-year institution after transferring from a community college or another four-year institution.

  • Transfer applicants are students who have earned twenty-four or more semester hours (one full year) of college credit after graduating from high school. Students interested in spring admission must have 24 credit hours earned and completed prior to the October 1 application deadline. It is highly unlikely that a student in the first year of college would be permitted to apply as a spring transfer applicant.
  • High school or home-schooled students MUST apply as first year applicants even if they are dual-enrolled and will have their associate’s degree by the time they graduate. High school students who reside at home and are taking high school and college courses concurrently while still enrolled in high school are not classified as transfers and must apply to the first-year class.

Admission Information

Transfer candidates must be in good standing, both academically and socially, at the institution or institutions they have attended. Successful applicants ordinarily will have earned a cumulative grade point average of B or better at their previous colleges; they also will have completed, or come close to completing, the specific transfer requirements for the school and program they wish to enter.

Students are ordinarily admitted only for the fall semester.  A limited number of transfer students are admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences, Architectural History, and Urban and Environmental Planning for the spring semester. Applicants must apply online via the Common App Website. Along with the complete Common Application, applicants must provide OFFICIAL (signed and sealed) high school transcript(s), OFFICIAL (signed and sealed) college transcript(s), and SAT (or ACT) scores. All of this required information must be submitted as soon as possible but no later than March 1 for August admission and October 1 for January admission. Decisions are posted to Student Information System (SIS) accounts around May 1 for August admission and December 1 for spring admission.

Required Tests:

In reviewing applications, the Committee on Admission pays attention to the results of standardized testing (the SAT I or ACT is required, however, the TOEFL is also acceptable as a substitute for the SAT or ACT for non-native English speakers), to nonacademic achievements, and to the ability to write effective English prose. The McIntire School of Commerce strongly recommends that non-native English speaking applicants take the TOEFL or IELTS in addition to the SAT or ACT to be competitive for admission.

Candidates may satisfy the various English composition requirements by submitting a score of 5 on an AP English Language and Composition examination. Candidates may also satisfy the various foreign language requirements in one of three ways: by passing an intermediate foreign language course, with a grade of C or better, on a level equivalent to the fourth semester of college instruction; by submitting a score of 4 or 5 on most AP foreign language examinations; or by submitting a score of 650 or better on most SAT II foreign language tests. Unless otherwise noted, numerals refer to semester-hours, and courses are presumed to carry at least three semester-hours of credit.

Admission Deadlines


Spring transfer application deadline


Art supplement submission deadline


Spring transfer decisions posted

DEC 15

Spring transfer deposit deadline


Fall transfer submission deadline for Common App and U.Va. Supplement (on Common App Website) as well as transcripts.


Fall transfer decisions posted (tentative)

MAY 15

Fall transfer deposit deadline