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Transfer Admission to the School of Architecture

The School of Architecture welcomes properly qualified transfer students from other institutions of higher education. In every case, an applicant for transfer admission must be in good academic standing at his/her present college and must be eligible to return there. A minimum academic residence of two years is required for a degree in the School of Architecture. Considering the demands of the programs in architecture and the competition for transfer places, it is strongly suggested that a transfer student should have at least a B average or the equivalent in previous college work. You may select from three majors within the school: Architecture, Urban and Environmental Planning and Architectural History.  Students are ordinarily admitted only for the fall semester.  A limited number of transfer students are admitted to Architectural History and Urban and Environmental Planning for the spring semester.

School of Architecture Transfer Requirements:

  • English (6 credits, or your school’s full course sequence).
  • Mathematics (3) - One course in calculus.
  • Natural Sciences (6-8) - At least one course in physics.
  • Social Sciences (6) - Courses in anthropology, economics, government, history, psychology, or sociology.
  • Humanities or Sciences (12) - Courses in art, art history, computer science, drama, engineering, English (except composition), foreign languages, mathematics, music, natural sciences (in addition to those required above), philosophy, religion, speech.
  • To ensure normal progress towards the degree, transfer candidates entering the Architecture major are required to take summer courses at the University prior to fall enrollment. Your offer is contingent upon your full participation and successful completion of summer studio courses taken at UVA  Rising second-year students will need to come to Grounds from mid-July to August.  Rising third-years will need to come to Grounds from June to mid-August.
  • Other Requirements - Applicants to the program in urban and environmental planning should take elective courses in history, speech, economics, and state and local government. Applicants to the program in architectural history should take elective courses in history, art history, and foreign language. Other courses may be taken in a variety of fields; freehand drawing courses are recommended.

Important: We ask that all transfer applicants interested in majoring in Architecture submit a portfolio. For guidelines, please go here.