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Transfer Admission to the College of Arts and Sciences

The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is the largest of the University of Virginia’s 11 schools and is the institution’s intellectual core. The College welcomes properly qualified transfer students from other institutions of higher education. To be admitted as a transfer student, you must submit to the Admission Office your official final transcript from each previous college or university, including the spring semester of this year. To learn more about transferring credit and to evaluate course credit equivalencies, please visit the College’s transfer credit page.

College Transfer Course Requirements:

  • English Composition (your school’s full course sequence)
  • Foreign Languages - Demonstrated proficiency equal to the intermediate level of college instruction (usually the 202 level).
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics (12 credits) - Courses in at least two of the disciplines: astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, physics, and mathematics. Math courses must include statistics, finite math calculus, or higher level-courses; pre-calculus will apply towards a degree but will not satisfy the requirement.
  • Social Sciences (6 credits) - One course in two of the following subjects: anthropology, economics, government, linguistics, psychology, or sociology.
  • Humanities (6 credits) - One course in two of the following three groups: literature (classics, comparative literature, English, foreign literature): fine arts (art, drama, music); moral, philosophical, and religious thought (political theory, philosophy, religion).
  • Historical Studies (3 credits) - One course that is substantially historical, whether taught in a history department or in some other discipline.
  • Non-Western Perspective (3 credits) - One course from any department that deals substantially with a cultural heritage other than that of the West

Important: Candidates with an associate's degree or two years of college coursework are preferred. Students transferring after one year of college should have completed at least 24 semester-hours; students transferring after two years should have completed at least 60 semester-hours. The College of Arts and Sciences will not grant credit for more than 60 semester-hours completed elsewhere.


Most students who are offered admission will be able to enter directly into their chosen major. Biology, Physics, Economics, and Political and Social Thought are more competitive or have specific course prerequisite requirements. For guidance about specific courses that must be taken at your current institution to meet prerequisites needed to those particular majors, please contact the department of your intended major.

Transfer students considering the Economics Major are strongly advised to review this website before selecting Fall courses. Any questions about the Economics Major should be sent to

There are a minimal number of seats for rising third-year transfers who are interested in Media Studies. These students would need to enroll in two prerequisite courses during the fall term and may declare the Media Studies major prior to the beginning of the spring term if they complete the prerequisites. Such students will always need to have the necessary prerequisites for an alternate major in case the student is not eligible for Media Studies.

It is highly unlikely that a rising third-year transfer will qualify for the BA in Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences.