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Transfer Admission to the Curry School

The Curry School of Education offers professional programs designed to prepare individuals for a variety of careers related to the practice of education. Programs open to undergraduates include kinesiology, communication disorders, and teacher education.

An applicant for transfer must complete the following General Education courses prior to enrollment in the undergraduate program: a minimum of 54 semester hours if entering dual-degree (BA/MT, BSEd/MT) programs as a third-year student or if entering the BSEd (kinesiology and communication disorders) programs.

Course Requirements for Transfer:

BA/MT Program (Teacher Education)

  • English (6 credits, or your school’s full course sequence).
  • Humanities (6) - One course in literature; one course in philosophy, religion, music, or fine arts
  • Foreign Languages - Demonstrated proficiency equal to the intermediate level of college instruction (usually the 202 level).
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics (12) - Courses including one full-year sequence in natural sciences, with or without a lab, and one course in mathematics (statistics, probability, or calculus is recommended).
  • Social Sciences (12) - One course in Western civilization; one course in American history; one course in non-Western studies; one course in psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, or economics.
  • Physical Education (1)
  • Other Requirements - Remaining electives should be taken from any of the areas listed above.
  • Important: All students wishing to prepare as teacher at elementary or secondary levels - including special education but excluding physical education (see below) must enroll in the College of Arts and Sciences in this five-year BA/MT program. Subsequent approval to enter the teacher-education program is granted by the School of Education prior to the student's entering the second or third year. A minimum of 23 semester-hours is required to transfer in the second year; 54 semester-hours are required to enter in the third year.


BSEd/MT Program (Physical Education)

  • Requirements - The same requirements for the BA/MT program (see above) apply, with the exception of foreign language, which is not required.
  • Important: the BSEd/MT program is teaching physical education enrolls students directly in the School of Education. A minimum of 24 semester-hours is required to transfer in the second year; 54 semester-hours are required to enter in the third year.


B.S. Ed Program (Kinesiology)

  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics (12 credits) – Including Bio 1 and 2 (+ labs), Calculus and Anatomy and Physiology (+labs)
  • Humanities (12 credits) – including your school’s English Composition requirement, other courses in literature, fine arts, moral, philosophical or religious thought.
  • Social Sciences (9 credits) – anthropology, economics, government, linguistics, psychology or sociology
  • Non-Western Perspective (3 credits) – One course from any department that deals substantially with a cultural heritage other than that of the West.

Important: Candidates with an associate's degree or two years of college coursework are preferred. Students transferring after one year of college should have completed at least 24 semester-hours; students transferring after two years should have completed at least 60 semester-hours.  Students applying to transfer as second years need not have completed all of the listed requirements. Students applying to transfer as third- years should complete most, if not all of listed pre-requisite coursework.


B.S. Ed Program (Speech Pathology and Audiology)

A minimum of 54 semester hours is required for admission

  • Humanities (12 credits) – including your school’s English composition requirement, English literature, and a balance from any of the following: Foreign Language, Public Speaking, Fine Arts, Music and Philosophy.
  • Social Sciences (12) – including one course in American History and two courses in Sociology and/or Psychology, with a balance from any of the following: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Geography, Sociology or Psychology.
  • Natural Sciences and Math (12) –including Probability or higher, one course in Biology, a physical science course, and Statistics.
  • Physical Education (3)

Students transferring into Communication Disorders should consult the Undergraduate Record for additional requirements. 



Transfer students to the Curry School of Education are accepted only for August admission. The deadline for receipt of completed applications for fall semester is March 1.