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Transfer Admission to the McIntire School of Commerce

A student must apply directly to the Commerce School as a transfer applicant if applying to enter UVA as a third-year student. If a student is applying to enter UVA as a second-year student, he/she would apply to the College of Arts and Sciences, NOT Commerce. These students would then have the opportunity to apply as internal transfers to the Commerce School for their third year. A student must have completed two full years of general; liberal arts work at an accredited college or university. A minimum of 54 semester hours is required for admission. It is strongly recommended, however, that students enter with at least 60 semester hours so that they will be on track for graduation without having to take an overload of courses. Official transcripts from secondary school and all collegiate institutions attended must be submitted along with the results of the SAT I of the College Board or the American College Test (ACT) or TOEFL scores. SAT or ACT is REQUIRED for all applicants. It is recommended that non-native English speaking applicants also take the TOEFL or IELTS to be competitive for admission. Strong preference is given to students who have received or will be receiving their Associates degree from a Virginia Community College prior to the fall term to which they are applying. Candidates for transfer admission should have completed course work in the following areas:

  • Elementary Accounting (6 credits) - Financial and Managerial
  • Principles of Economics (6) - Micro and Macro
  • English Composition (6)
  • Mathematics (6) - One course in statistics (descriptive and inferential) and one course in calculus.
  • Humanities (3) - One Course before enrollment; an additional humanities course prior to graduation can be completed before or after entering McIntire.
  • Foreign Languages - Varies. Demonstrated proficiency equal to the intermediate level of college instruction (the 202 level).
  • Comm 180 - Introduction to business/computer usage course.

Important: The McIntire School requires a minimum of 54 semester-hours of college work for admission. In addition to the general policies governing transfer of credit, the McIntire School will not award credits for independent study; business courses beyond the elementary courses in accounting and economics; or remedial courses.

Transfer students to the School of Commerce are accepted only for August admission. The deadline for receipt of completed applications for fall semester is March 1.