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Wait-list FAQs

Thank you for your continued interest in attending the University of Virginia. Please remember that to be considered for admission from the waiting list you must first accept a position on the waiting list in your Student Information System (SIS) account.  Feel free to contact our office directly should you have additional questions. Best wishes as you finalize your college search.

Who is on the waiting list?

The Committee on Admission wait-lists students who are extremely competitive and to whom we would like to offer admission should spaces become available in the entering class. This year the University received 32,426 complete applications and offered admission to approximately 9,400 applicants; we expect about 3,675 to accept our offer and enroll. If fewer than 3,675 students accept our offer, we will offer admission to some of the students who have gone to their SIS account and indicated that they wish to remain on the waiting list.

Why was I wait-listed instead of being offered admission?

The Committee on Admission carefully evaluated applications on the basis of academic program, grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, recommendations, essays, and special talents and backgrounds. We offered admission to those applicants whom we thought would contribute most to the talent and balance of the entering class. Because our applicant pool is extremely competitive and we are able to offer admission only to a small fraction of talented applicants, we wait-list strong, interesting students to whom we would like to offer admission if space is available.

What is UVa’s history over the last few years of selecting students from the waiting list?

Last year, 402 students were accepted from the waiting list. As you can see from the chart below, the number fluctuates. We will not know if we can make offers to students on the waiting list until after May 1st.

Year Students Admitted from the Waiting List
2014 42
2013 185
2012 284
2011 117
2010 240
2009 288
2008 60
2007 159

What happens now?

The Committee on Admission will wait until after May 1, the deposit deadline for students to whom we have offered admission, to determine how many spaces in the class are available. If all spaces in the class are filled, we will not be able to offer admission to anyone on the waiting list. If spaces do become available, we will spend approximately two weeks determining how many additional offers of admission we can make. It is critical that you go to your SIS account to remain on the waiting list. Because most colleges require a deposit by May 1, we strongly encourage you to pay a deposit at another school, even if UVa is your first choice.

When will I be notified?

You will be notified between the second week of May and the end of June by a member of the admission committee. We will contact students through phone and email. You will then have the following 48 hours to either accept or decline our offer of admission.

Will it help to write, call, or even visit UVa at this time?

Since we do not offer evaluative interviews, a visit will not affect our decision. If you are still on the waiting list at the end of this semester, please ask your counselor to send us the Common Application Final School Report; if you receive any honors or awards, feel free to notify us by emailing Please do not send your update to one (or several) admission officers.

Although you are welcome to send additional letters of recommendation, you should only send them if they add new information.

Is the waiting list ranked?

We do not rank the waiting list.

How are students chosen from the waiting list?

We first need to determine which schools or programs–Arts and Sciences, Architecture, Engineering, Nursing, or Kinesiology–have spaces available. We will fill those spaces with wait-listed students who have applied to these schools. Please note that a wait-listed student will be considered for an offer of admission only in the school to which he or she applied. In addition, because we need to achieve the proper ratio between in- and out-of-state students, we will determine the number of spaces available for Virginians and for non-Virginians. We will examine the applications of students on the waiting list and consider our original evaluation along with any new information we have received (final grades, additional honors, etc.).

Any advice?

Because the waiting list is unpredictable, we strongly encourage you to commit to another university and follow the instructions on becoming a part of that student body. Rest assured, we will give your application every consideration.

Deferred Admission Agreement for Virginia Residents

This enrollment option is for first-year applicants who are Virginia residents and who were placed on the waiting list for the College of Arts and Sciences. Students who pursue this enrollment option will spend their first two years at the University of Virginia at Wise. After completing the requirements of the agreement at Wise, students will continue their education in Charlottesville and earn a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia. We have a separate document for those who wish to learn more about this option.

To learn more about the College at Wise, please visit