This is a difficult time for everyone, and we hope all of you are taking care of yourselves and your families. We’re sorry we won’t be able to meet as many of you in person as we normally would, but the Admissions Office will be back up and running as soon as this is over. Given what everyone is going through, we will also be as flexible as possible. So don’t worry – and please reach out with any questions. Find answers to some of the most common questions.

Optional Visual and Performing Arts/Architecture Supplements

Supplement Deadlines

Early Action: November 1
Regular Decision: January 1
January Transfer: October 1
August Transfer: March 1

2016-2017 Arts Supplement Submission Information

The University of Virginia invites all students to participate in our arts programs as majors, minors, and contributors. The Admission Office actively seeks artists, musicians, dancers and students in all areas of theatre to invigorate our community through their dedication to the arts.

Students who exhibit truly exceptional talent may submit an arts portfolio through the Common Application via Slideroom. This portfolio is an optional part of the application process and is intended for those who plan to engage seriously in the University’s arts departments as students.  Completed portfolio evaluations are shared with the admission committee and are considered as part of the overall application review. These portfolios are not required to enroll in arts-related classes at the University of Virginia and will only be used for the admission process.

Supplemental portfolios must be received by the appropriate decision deadline and adhere to departmental guidelines to guarantee review.

2016-2017 Architecture Supplement Submission Information

Our School of Architecture offers the option for prospective student designers, planners, and architectural historians with experience producing graphic and visual design to submit an architecture portfolio.

The portfolio should demonstrate experience in design and craft. This may include a wide range of work done for courses or other activities: work such as drawing, painting, graphic design, theatric set design, sculpture, computer graphics, furniture design, etc. With each piece, include a brief text description that explains the work’s context and purpose (e.g. a ten-minute sketch for a drawing class, a clay sculpture for an art class, or a photographic essay on a particular theme produced independently).

The portfolio must be a PDF file and no more than 10 pages. It is recommended to use only your best pieces for review. A 3 page PDF of good work is preferable over 10 pages of mediocre work. We recommend formatting the pages in landscape orientation which is better suited to viewing on a computer monitor. Portfolios will be reviewed only on screen, they will not be printed.

We ask that all transfer applicants interested in majoring in Architecture submit a portfolio.

About the Visual and Performing Arts Programs

As the Visual and Performing Arts thrive at UVA, so will our student artists. We are committed to the creation of a diverse entering class and actively seek artists, singers, musicians, actors, and dancers to continue to invigorate student life and to assist in directing efforts for the future.

Program Information