To be eligible for transfer admission, applicants must have completed at least one full year (at least twenty-four semester hours after high school graduation) of college course work before entering the University. Summer is not considered part of this one year minimum. Transfer students who enroll at UVA must spend at least two full years in residency at the University.

Although the University typically expects transfer applicants to the College of Arts and Sciences to demonstrate that they can complete their intended degrees in no more than eight semesters of full-time postsecondary enrollment, including at UVA, and although all Arts and Sciences students must complete at least 60 credits - the equivalent of four full-time semesters - in order to earn their UVA degrees, the admission committee welcomes applications from extraordinary students who have previously completed six semesters of postsecondary study elsewhere. We recommend that candidates applying after six semesters carefully consider not only the likely benefits but also of transferring when they are only one year away from earning their degrees at their current institutions.

Students who already hold bachelor’s degrees may apply for a second undergraduate degree only in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (the exception being individuals who have already earned engineering or physics degrees. 

High school or home-schooled students MUST apply as first year applicants even if they are dual-enrolled and will have their associate’s degree by the time they graduate. High school students who reside at home and are taking high school and college courses concurrently while still enrolled in high school are not classified as transfers and must apply as first years.

Admission Information

Transfer candidates must be in good standing, both academically and socially, at the institution or institutions they have attended. Successful applicants ordinarily will have earned a cumulative grade point average of a 3.o or better at their previous colleges; they also will have completed, or come close to completing, the specific transfer requirements for the school and program they wish to enter. We require submission of ALL previous college and high school transcripts (see mailing address below)

Students are ordinarily admitted only for the fall semester.  A limited number of transfer students are admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences for the spring semester. Students interested in spring admission must have 24 credit hours earned and completed by the end of the fall semester preceding the desired spring semester. 

Admission is granted to individual schools and not specific departments or majors within the schools. Please review coursework that should be completed prior to matriculation to each school.