Guaranteed Transfer Admission

This is the University of Virginia’s contribution to the State Policy on Transfer endorsed by the State board of Community Colleges and the State Council of Higher Education. It is designed to inform community college academic counselors and prospective transfer students about our transfer policies.

We understand fully that no course transfer guide can answer all questions in advance, and also that no single policy can meet the needs of all students. Consequently, the University maintains a flexible policy with regard to transfer issues. We do not conceive of this transfer guide as a professional description of what actually happens in the transfer process. Our separate faculties (and there are seven individual schools that enroll undergraduate students) set their own transfer standards. The Office of Admission can interpret and explain the standards, and can often intervene in instances where the standard seems to deal unfairly with the record submitted by a particular student, but the Office of Admission cannot itself set the standards.

We are eager to receive suggestions from community college academic counselors about our policies with regard to transfer students.